Amy-Grace Whillans-Welldrake

Project Officer

Amy-Grace is a Masters student at the University of Southern Denmark and is studying Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies. She has previously worked as a policy Researcher at the Centre for Local Economics where her interests included community development, devolution and public service reform. 

In her spare time Amy-Grace is a Director for the community group Ancoats Dispensary Trust where she developed a passion for community activism and heritage.

Amy-Grace is currently working with the Centre on a project entitled A new settlement for local welfare: a grassroots perspective on re-designing the welfare state. The project aims to gain a citizen perspective as to how people experience public services and asks what would the welfare state look like if it was designed by citizens and what would the role of national, local and community look like? Could a new settlement between the national and the local help address some of the challenges currently facing the welfare state?

The project intends to provide a radical alternative and to challenge the current welfare and devolution reform agenda from a grassroots perspective.

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