Alfred Richter

Coordinator of Citizen Network Czech Republic

Alfred grew up in Povazska Bystrica, a small town in the former Czechoslovakia, moving to Prague in 1986. After graduating from the Prague School of Economics (Faculty of Commerce) Alfred worked in the banking sector as credit analyst for ING Bank in Prague and in Amsterdam. Alfred also founded and managed Zephiros a.s, a printing company in Slovakia and Czech Republic. 

Alfred first joined Quip in 2006 as financial and project manager, taking a sabbatical in 2011 to work for Zephiros and the NGO Poradna pro integraci in Prague, which focuses on the integration of foreigners. 

In 2017 Alfred returned to Quip, becoming Director of the organisation. Quip was founded in 2003 and is active primarily in the Czech Republic and is a member of the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL). 

Quip strive for creating a world for us all, with different abilities and support needs, so that we can jointly engage and influence the world we live in. Together with partners, Quip works to ensure that social and legal systems are able to encourage social inclusion and citizenship, removing dependency on social services benefits, giving people an opportunity to live according to their preferences.

Quip's 4 main areas of work are: 

Alfred, as Director of Quip, is a member of a working group for the development of community support in the City of Prague and also represents Quip on the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL).