Our Cooperative

We are proud to be a cooperative.

Citizen Network Osk is the not-for-profit global cooperative that coordinates and supports Citizen Network. 

In 2019 members of Citizen Network agreed that we needed to establish an organisation to support the ongoing development of our global movement. It was decided that a cooperative based in Finland would provide the best foundation. Citizen Network Osk was registered in Helsinki, Finland in 2020 (Osk is the Finnish word for coop). 

Our membership is a combination of individuals and organisations. In 2022 we opened up membership of the cooperative to organisations who want to make a deeper commitment to supporting our goals and actions.

You can find out about our cooperative members here

The cooperative will help you:

If you share our values and you are willing to collaborate, use your skills and resources or use the coop services to enable the change, you are warmly invited to join us.