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Citizen Network is an independent and global non-profit-making cooperative. It receives no funding from any government or corporation, but works to use its own resources as effectively as possible to advance its mission.

Membership is free and groups can sign up for free.

Much of the work of Citizen Network is done for free; however the role of the Coordinator – which we believe is critical to making Citizen Network a success – is funded.

The role of the Coordinators is funded by individuals or organisations who become the Partners of Citizen Network. Our Partners are listed here.

Different sources of income are possible:

  • Funding from within the resources of the Partner
  • Funding by foundations or other donors
  • Funding through additional services provided by Citizen Network (e.g. webinars or training)
  • Funding through membership fees (e.g. In Control Scotland)
  • Other ideas welcome

It seems important that resources generated by any specific network should largely remain within that network. Citizen Network exists to support grassroots activity and should not be a drain on resources.

There is currently no funding for the overall coordination of Citizen Network internationally, these resources are currently provided by the Centre for Welfare Reform. We may want to consider some way partners contribute to these central costs in the future.

There is currently no central system for accounting for all these resources. It is the Partners themselves who are responsible for managing their own resources. We may want to create a system to ensure we are more transparent in the future.