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Citizenship in practice

Citizenship begins within us. It is our own values, attitudes and actions that create a world where everyone can be a citizen – where everyone matters.

Steps that encourage true citizenship include:

  1. Self Reflection – spending time thinking about your own purpose and actions
  2. Collective Reflection – thinking and talking together with others
  3. Self Discipline – working to eradicate unhelpful habits and attitudes
  4. Speech Consciousness – speaking with reflection and avoiding foul speech
  5. Sharing Domestic Responsibilities – playing a full part in all the essential parts of life
  6. Local Purchase – putting resources back into the hands of local people and businesses
  7. Time Sharing – putting time aside to work for a social cause and helping othersIncome Sharing – putting aside money to assist in the promotion of self help for all

These principles arise from the work of one of our Partners, the Manavodaya Institute in India, and you can read more in this slide show: