Citizen Network Research

The Centre for Welfare Reform is now called Citizen Network Research.

The Centre for Welfare Reform was established in 2009 as an independent not-profit, think tank, based in Sheffield, UK. In 2016 the Centre founded Citizen Network. In 2020 Citizen Network Osk was registered as a global non-profit cooperative registered in Helsinki Finland. At the beginning of 2022 the Centre changed its name to Citizen Network Research and integrated its work and website into the work of Citizen Network.

The Centre continues as an incorporated social enterprise and private limited company, registered in England. For enquiries about the Centre for Welfare Reform or Citizen Network Research please contact:

Citizen Network Research
Bierlow House
8 Oakdale Road
S7 1SL

+44 114 258 6965

How is Citizen Network Research funded?

Since 2009 annual funding has varied around an average of about £75,000. Our accounts are lodged with Companies House and you can check out our accounts there. This is a list of all our funders who have contributed £5,000 or more:


The office of Citizen Network Research is based at Bierlow House which was named to commemorate the old name for the part of Sheffield in which it is situated, Ecclesall Bierlow. 

Bierlow was commonly used in place names in Yorkshire, to describe an extensive parish, which also acted as the area for a local court of justice. Bierlow is probably cognate with by-law, which in turn derived from the Middle English term byrlaw. This word derived from the Old Norse words of for 'local' and 'law'. So, in other words, the word Bierlow is derived from the ideas of community and justice - two ideas that are very important to Citizen Network.