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The Layperson's Guide To Good Mental Health

Your A-Z for A Happier Life

Author: Carolyn Barber

If you're confused about the numerous therapies and approaches which claim to combat mental ill-health and promote recovery and wellbeing this book is for you.

The author also introduces you to the 5Cs framework for good mental health, an innovative new way of helping people decide how to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing.

“This book is well written, pitched at a level which will make it understandable to professionals and lay people alike, suitably broad in its scope and nicely balanced in terms of the theoretical knowledge base it draws on and the practice world it relates to. It is a very human book, in the sense that it captures well the intense suffering that mental health problems can cause, but also the hope and connectedness that characterise so many of the various efforts to replace mental distress with mental well-being.”

Dr. Neil Thompson

The author wrote this book for several reasons, read more here.