I'm Not A Spaz! I'm Safe!

Author: Damian J Bridgeman

Damian Bridgeman wanted to inspire and motivate people with Cerebral Palsy, other disabilities and their families to show them that Cerebral Palsy is not a barrier and they should never give up hope of having the life they would like to have.

This book shares the trials of disability for people with disabilities and also how it effects family members. Damian chronicles the diagnosis pathway and tackles head on Damian's beliefs around such things as changing places and incontinence and why there should be provision for disabled people in society today. It also covers the abuse Damian has experienced in his childhood and how he overcame it.

You may be surprised at how many things that able-bodied people take for granted and find irritating when a disabled person asks for help with these things.

Damian also shares his struggle to be allowed a full education and even the permission to be able to have the career of his choice. He has worked in government, Health and Social Care having been instrumental in helping to change the Social Care Law and landscape in his native Wales. He has also been a high-ranking corporate executive, both here and in Europe and this book is a physical manifestation of his drive to achieve and represents another milestone in his career to date.

Damian's dyslexia made people laugh when he said he wanted to be a writer, so he is very proud of this book and the articles he has written for The Guardian, BBC Online, Positive Politics.

His book will make you laugh, cry and get angry in equal measure, it will also educate those who have no experience of disability and show them how people with disability have more than just their disability to face day to day.

Damian's over-arching message is that even if you face adversity, you can still achieve and get a good education and career.

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Publishing Info

Author: Damian J Bridgeman
Independently published
Published: April 2019
102 pages
ISBN-10: 1096381869
ISBN-13: 978-1096381860