Don't Cramp My Style

A Campaigning Life

Author: Simon Cramp

This is the inspirational story of Simon Cramp's life so far and the story of the many different campaigns and changes he has been a big part of.

Simon was born in 1971, along with his twin brother Adrian. As he grew up he discovered that he had learning difficulties and that he needed help with some things. However this did not prevent him from developing a keen interest in politics and social justice.

Simon was part of the self-advocacy movement that saw important victories and advances in human rights, decency and freedom; he has also personally experienced attacks on these rights, in the name of austerity.

Over the years Simon has been a leading force in many campaigns to ensure that people with disabilities are treated as full human beings - with rights and the full capacity to play a meaningful part in all aspects of community life.

Simon is a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform and a lifelong member of Learning Disability England and was instrumental in its development.

Jonty Rix, son of Brian Rix writes: "This book serves as a clear reminder why the voice of people with learning difficulties must be heard in so many areas of society, not just in relation to issues that are deemed to be relevant to them."

David Brindle of The Guardian writes:"If you want a fascinating insight into one man's acceptance of his disability, and his mission to make things better not just for himself but for hundreds of thousands of others, read on."

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Publishing Info

Author: Simon Cramp
Publisher: Centre for Welfare Reform
Published: November 2017
84 pages
ISBN: 978-1-907790-98-0