Debates In Personalisation

Author: Catherine Needham and Jon Glasby (Editors)

In this unique book perspectives from service users, practitioners, academics and policy commentators come together to give an account of the practicalities and controversies associated with the implementation of personalised approaches.

In the conclusion the editors examine how to make sense of the divergent accounts presented, asking if there is a value-based approach to person-centred care that all sides share.

"This was a lively and stimulating encapsulation of debates about the future of adult social care, and other areas of public policy. Highly recommended!"

Dr Mark Lymbery, University of Nottingham

"This excellent, well balanced collection cuts through the ideological polarised debates and draws on personal experiences and research evidence to look at the pros and cons of personalisation. A must read for practitioners, advocates, researchers and policy makers, and a useful tool for those managing their own personalised services."

Professor Kirstein Rummery, University of Stirling

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Editors: Catherine Needham and Jon Glasby
Publisher: Policy Press
Published: October 2014
232 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4447313-42-7