Better Health in Harder Times

Active citizens and innovation on the frontline

Author: Davies, Flux, Hales, Walmsley (eds)

Painful shortcomings in clinical care and patient experience, together with funding cuts, threaten to dig deep into service levels and standards. Seventy years of technically advanced medicine provided free to the population has produced a widespread perception of patients as passive consumers of health care. This book explores how we may renew for our times the collective compact that created our public services in the 1940s.

Voices from service users and service providers show how this can be done. They offer testimony of what goes wrong and what can be put right when working together becomes the norm. Sections explore new ways of living and working with long-term conditions, more meaningful and effective approaches to service redesign, use of information technology, leadership, co-production and creating and accounting for quality. Accessible to a wide range of readers, with short, accessible contributions, this is a book to provoke and inspire.

"A wealth of fascinating and insightful reflections on the relationship between people and their healthcare. A must-read for all: the ‘usual suspects’ and those coming new to the field, particularly those charged with taking this agenda forward in today's NHS." Sally Brearley, Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George's University of London

"This invaluable text will ensure that the current political rhetoric 'no decision about me without me' will become the inclusive, collaborative reality, so urgently required in the current austere health economy." Roswyn Hakesley-Brown CBE, Chair, The Patients Association

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Publishing Info

Editors: Celia Davies, Ray Flux, Mike Hales and Jan Walmsley
Publisher: Policy Press
Published: November 2012
208 pages
ISBN: 978-1447306-93-1