Austerity's Victims

Adults with a Learning Disability

Author: Neil Carpenter

There are approximately 1 million adults with a learning disability in the UK who have suffered because of government measures since 2010. Austerity’s Victims exposes the reality, describing in detail the lives of five men living in Cornwall.

Their income, below the relative poverty threshold, is compared with national/county medians and the Minimum Income Standard of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Their quality of life, as support and benefits are cut away, is also examined and shown to fall a long way short of the wellbeing defined in the 2014 Care Act.

Austerity’s Victims provides invaluable evidence for the fight against this injustice.

Neil Carpenter, the author, has written an article about the book here.

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Author: Neil Carpenter
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: May 2018
72 pp
ISBN: 978-1984977601