Citizen Network is a global movement to make citizenship reality for all. It is maintained by individuals and groups supported by a not-for-profit cooperative and it is based on sharing action, learning and Citizen Network values.

Through the Citizen Network TV channel we believe we can achieve big things together - get our voices heard, network with people around the world and grow. 

Our mission is to be ourselves, and create versatile, quality content from our hearts - about the matters that are important to us, things we are proud of, things we want to change, and things we want to create from nothing.

We use YouTube as our platform and our channel Citizen Network TV (CNTV) is co-owned. 

You can view the channel at:

Our Rules

This is not an official legal document, it is a statement by the community members of CNTV and guidelines for anyone using or producing content for CNTV.

Through the CNTV channel we can:

  1. Share pre-recorded content
  2. Schedule and share Live Streams
  3. Organise our own content via playlists


  1. We use CNTV through our own Youtube (Google) accounts.
  2. At the time of writing this, everyone who joins, joins as an editor and posts their own videos.
  3. Editors are added by request, email:
  4. YouTube sets a limit on editors so after a time inactive editors will be kindly asked to make room for new creators.

All Editors must agree:

  • Not to violate any laws, or any YouTube policies, which might put the entire channel's future at risk.
  • To highly respect fellow users' content especially when performing any channel maintenance such as erasing videos (it is possible to permanently delete videos, so be careful)
  • To schedule planned Live Streams ahead of the live event, which you can do in the CNTV channel (see below)
  • Not to share content from another channel to our playlists.
  • To make sure that they own the copyright for the video or have direct permission to post the video from the copyright owner.


  1. As the channel is about promoting inclusion, equality and understanding, while we can debate diverse points of view, hate speech or discrimination will not be tolerated.
  2. Programmes selling items will not usually be allowed unless they are part of a project empowering a group who have been disadvantaged and it can be identified as both ethical and small scale.

  3. We will not pay any royalties, or any other direct compensation to the content creators. If this policy changes over time, we will create new procedures together.

  4. If there are disagreements about the ownership or rights of any video, CNTV will always seek to solve the conflict by taking the video in question down.

  5. If there is a problem with people or brands showing in the video, CNTV will make the video private, blur the content in question and only then consider reposting the video.

Contributors must be able to:

  • Show how their show promotes the values of the group/channel
  • Tackle difficult topics sensitively, this includes any content which is likely to cause offence - for example any such content should take the form of challenging the unfairness or injustice.
  • Share content which might contravene any of these rules with CNTV owners first, and then only publish it after obtaining agreement in writing
  • Show how they can contribute to the promotion of the group itself
  • Agree not to ‘spam’ No Labels No Walls or Citizen Network social media with excessive posts about their own offer or unrelated information
  • Act in good faith and co-operate to take forward the values of the group and channel

How to schedule a livestream

Our goal is to broadcast live shows. However it is important that any live broadcasts is scheduled ahead of time to ensure that shows do not conflict in timing. There can only be on show at a time. 

In order to schedule:

  1. Login to the CNTV Channel
  2. Go to manage Manage Your Videos
  3. Go to Create
  4. Select Go Live
  5. Select Schedule a Stream
  6. Select Create New
  7. Fill in the details about the event
  8. Make a copy of the links that it will give you that you will need to livestream to that event

NB If you are using a platform like Zoom then you need to make sure that you've set up your system to link to YouTube and select the Custom Live Event option. When you go live you will be instructed to include the links you were given by YourTube. You can do this in advance, but your show will only go live as it has been scheduled.


Markus Vähälä