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Kate Fulton

Kate Fulton

Kate Fulton is the coordinator of Citizen Network Australia.

Kate has worked alongside people and families for many years in a range of settings and communities. She is passionate about individuals directing their own lives and feels that she has been incredibly privileged to meet people and families who have shared their experiences of helpful supports and creative approaches to change.

Kate led on some of the first self directed support initiatives in the UK on projects such as New Partnerships and Dynamite, using these experiences to learn some valuable lessons about real system change and empowerment. She believes that real empowerment is much more than simply moving money, but requires a radical change to the way in which we assist people to lead change across all areas of life including our welfare systems and communities.

Kate has worked alongside the Centre for many years developing the concept of Community Brokerage, co-authoring some of the early papers, Should We Ban Brokerage and Architecture for Personalisation

Kate is currently working in Western Australia supporting the transformation of Human Services with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with a disability and people who experience mental ill health. She is also supporting initiatives that enable older people to direct their supports with HACC SDS project and the introduction of Consumer Directed Care. 

Kate supports a range of Community Organisations and Support Providers to respond and develop in the changing Australia landscape. 

Kate qualified with the DIPSW and LGMB Cert in Management. 

Kate lives in Perth with her partner John, learning to live an Aussie lifestyle in Western Australia. However as a true Geordie she keeps her connections at home alive returning to the North East of England regularly.