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Trustees and partners

Citizen Network is a global cooperative working for equality and justice around the world.

Citizen Network’s Partners are those organisations who provide additional resources to ensure that Citizen Network can grow and develop.

Here is a list of current Partners and their nominated Trustees:

Marcie Brost of DD Network – USA

John Dalrymple of In Control Scotland – Scotland

Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform – England

Darren Ginnelly of My Place – Australia

Milena Johnová of Quip – Czech Republic

Vasilis Kalopisis of Puzzle – Greece

Rosie Lawn of Avivo – Australia

Sarah Maguire of Choice Support – England

Marsha Marshall of Manawanui InCharge – New Zealand

Karen Parry of Inclusion North – England

Leanne Pearman of Western Australia Individualised Services (WAIS) – Australia

Tim Stainton of the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship – Canada

Rachelle Hole of the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship – Canada

Markus Vähälä of Synerga – Finland

Varun Vidyarthi of Manavodaya – India

Kirsten Jaeger Fjetland of research group Citizenship – Norway

Anita Gjermestad of research group Citizenship – Norway

Anna Chalachanová of research group Citizenship – Norway

CCS Disability Action – New Zealand

Imagine Better – New Zealand

ILS – New Zealand

Life Unlimited – New Zealand

Ripple Trust – New Zealand

Federation of Disability Resource Centers – New Zealand

Community Connections – New Zealand

VID Specialized University - Norway